Mobile Attendance System

Anytime & Anywhere Attendance Solution

Keeping track of hours worked, vacation time, and overtime is a significant challenge when managing a remote construction workforce. Our time and attendance software provides real-time employee time tracking, simplified staff scheduling and a centralized employee data system. This enables our construction customers to improve employee accountability, cut operational costs and increase productivity.

Function and Feature

  • Offline Capability
  • Unlimited Employee Registration 
  • Real-Time Employee and Attendance Data Synchronization
  • Instant Self-Image Capture and GPS Logging
  • Smart Card Capability
  • Built in VHSmart Mobile Attendance Apps
  • Built in CIC Mobile Attendance Apps
  • Real-time Attendance Tracking (Mobile)
  • Reporting Tools (Comply with HKSAR Contract Requirements)
  • Available in On-Premise and Short-Term Rental Package