Cloud base Facility Management Solution

Revolutionize Your Tenancy Management & Customer Satisfactory with Intelligent Solutions


Strengthen management skill with Big Data Analysis and AI Technology

These days, work increasingly follows us around whether we’re near our offices or not — and we can’t afford to lose touch with ongoing projects. Our mobile apps let you manage your projects from the palm of your hand. You can access essential planning and scheduling features such as updating progress, collaborating with team members, commenting and making checklists, assigning tasks and browsing projects. You can also create new projects, packages and tasks on your mobile phone and other devices.

Function and Feature

  • Real-Time Route Logging
  • Next Checkpoint Indicator
  • Quick Issue Logging and Sharing 
  • GPS Positing
  • SOS
  • Photo Capture & Voice Recording
  • Floor Plan Mapping 
  • Route Auto Upload
  • Cloud Base Analysis Dashboard
  • Offline Capability 

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